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Researcher network

The EMCC, with the overall vision of being the ‘go to body’ for mentoring and coaching – since its foundation has considered research to be a main pillar of its activities. We aim to explore, enable and share research in order to support the professionalisation of coaching, mentoring, and supervision.

Our next step is for EMCC to further strengthen its ties with the academic world, by creating a network of academics and researchers who would like to contribute to the developments of coaching, mentoring, and supervision. This is an invitation for you to join us, and make an impact on the world of coaching, mentoring, and supervision through science and research!

Who is it for?

  • The researcher network is open for those who are either:
  • Working in the academic field formally, dealing with the topics of coaching, mentoring, or supervision – or on closely related topics
  • PhD students with a strong commitment towards research of the areas above
  • Practitioners who use research methodologies in their current practices, or who regularly work with measurements, run custom diagnostic or research projects with their clients.

What does it mean to join – commitments

You make your own commitments. If you’d just like to be informed of what is happening in EMCC, and receive invitations to join potential studies that is fine. If you wish to participate in EMCC projects – we are a volunteer organisation run by enthusiasts like you – then you can immediately get in touch with us. We’ll invite you to share your preferences with us.

EMCC International Research will reach out to members of the researcher network if:

  • An EMCC projects needs research support, volunteers or potentially paid contributors with a specific knowledge or background
  • A partner of EMCC asks for research support, and/or specific academic knowledge
  • There is a specific opportunity to present, share and discuss certain topics – e.g. our research conferences.  The opinion of the academic community is needed on a certain issue of overall importance.   

How do I join?

Use this link to complete a short questionnaire and we will contact you about next steps.

What does it mean to join – advantages

Getting access to information, being a part of a community – if you do not wish to stay anonymous – and receiving relevant opportunities may be rewarding in themselves. However we have a list of additional benefits to the members of the Researcher Network.

Access to an exclusive forum, where you can get in touch with fellow members. EMCC International Research uses an exclusive LinkedIn group where all Members are invited to join. Technically you’ll be notified about the group, and asked to send a ‘request to join’. If you prefer to maintain anonymous then you may choose not to become a member of this group.

Quarterly information material regarding the projects and new developments of EMCC International Research. We create quarterly briefing material regarding the developments of EMCC International research, current projects, insights etc. Members of the Network get exclusive access to this briefing via e-mails.

Early reservation option to the EMCC International Research webinars: members of the Network have access to an extra 1 week long registration period, where they can reserve their seats to any (or all) of the webinars of the actual research webinar series. You may take a look at the actual webinar offerings here

20% discount on your participation fee for the EMCC International Research Conference. This needs no further description. (Please note – this discount may not be combined with other discounts – unless specifically stated in EMCC International’s communications).

Additional surprise benefits! EMCC International Research will surprise you with some additional benefits throughout the year for your contribution.  

Who gets to see my information?

When joining the network we’ll ask about your research interests and your current academic affiliation. Your data will be handled by EMCC International, guaranteeing anonymity. Based on your decisions, your data – contact details – may be shared with research stakeholders.  

Can I withdraw my membership?

Of course. The technical details of withdrawal are sent to you in the information package as you join.

I know someone who should definitely be a part of this network – what should I do?

Just share the link of this webpage with them, and encourage them to join. Also you may write to our International Vice-president of Research – see his e-mail address below – and share your recommendation.  

Do I need to be an EMCC member to join the Respondent Pool?

No. You are welcomed whoever you are, and you are welcomed to invite others to join as well.

Do you have any further questions?

If you don’t have any further questions and just want to get started then use this link to fill out a short questionnaire and we’ll contact you.

If you do have further questions, then get in touch with EMCC International Vice-president Research Zoltán Csigás at emcc(dot)vp(dot)research(at)emccouncil(dot)org  

Find a Mentor, Coach, or Supervisor

Search through our database to find a Mentor and/or Coach near you who matches your requirements. If you are an EMCC mentor/coach and wish to set up/edit your profile please log in and go to membership then choose the option for “My Account”.