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Research Webinars

The next in our series of EMCC International research webinars are now open for bookings

There are a limited number of places so book early to avoid disappointment.

All our webinars are recorded and are made available after editing (usually within 7 working days after the event) to everyone who books, whether they attend the webinar or not.

We are currently working on our webinar programme for 2019 and expect to have details available soon.  The programme will consist of:

An application of causal loop methods for client insight and action

James Walker

Assessing and developing mindset and mental toughness: a major contribution to evidence based practice

Doug Strycharczyk & Professor Peter Clough

Wednesday 30 January 2019 @ 18.30 cet (details to follow)

Coaching for wisdom: enabling wise decisions

Peter J Webb

Exploring presence in executive coaching conversations

Roger Noon

Helping leaders to cope with crises – an introduction to the FiRE model of resilience

Karsten Drath

Wednesday 13 February 2019 @ 18.30 cet (details to follow)

Mentorship and student self-efficacy: predicting academic self-confidence

Dr Mary Jean Williams & Darlene F. Russ-Eft

Organisational coaching – the new frontline of coaching

Kaj Hellbom

Working with artists

Auriel Majumdar

Supervision of coaches/mentors/supervisors

Dr Michel Moral

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