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Rachel Robins

Mentor and Coach, in United Kingdom

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: RVR Consulting Ltd.

Short biography

Dr. Rachel Robins Rachel is an experienced and qualified business and leadership coach and mentor with over 25 years professional experience. Mental Toughness Assessor and Self Care Practitioner Rachel helps leaders thrive rather than just survive, in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. Her coaching style is supportive and challenging, raising self-awareness in her clients and encouraging them to focus on recognising and addressing their development needs. The approach she uses builds on the resourcefulness of the client, encouraging creativity in their problem solving both during and following their coaching sessions. 
 Rachel believes that coaching is a collaborative partnership between client and the coach with many positive benefits including increased performance, taking action, reaching goals and growth in self-awareness. Rachel is focused on helping people succeed though unlocking and increasing their awareness, which improves their levels of trust. This widens their choices, which enables them to succeed and to do it in a way that is sustainable for them. She believes that the ability to make the right decisions comes from within and that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all set of success secrets. She offers professional confidential support and help in working things through as well as helping with: communication; motivation;
stopping procrastination;
time management; confidence building; public speaking; vision; direction; action plan preparation; and career development.

Rachel works with a range of clients: Chief Executives, Directors, Business Leaders, Senior Local Government Officers, Senior HR and OD professionals - and a range of sectors: Public, Charity, Private, Higher Education. Rachel works with both teams and individual and offers coaching and mentoring for: Executive Coaching; Behavioural Change Coaching; Mental Toughness Resilience Coaching; Short series of sessions to enhance performance and HR/OD Mentoring. Rachel is a practicing Coach and Mentor with a practitioner background as a Local Government Director of HR, Organisational Development and Improvement in the public sector. She is passionate about personal development and fulfillment of individuals by enabling them to reach their full potential. Undertaking her Doctorate at University of Chester focused her desire for knowledge and gave her the opportunity to contribute to wider debates in her professional field. Following her doctoral research, into Executive Coaching in Local Government, she believes that she enhanced both her performance as a reflective practitioner and her professional practice. Now an active member of a research community Rachel is Director of RVR Consultancy, Keynote Speaker and CIPD author. She continues to engage in research to improve her practice and the experience of her individual clients and organisations with which she works. Her current research interest is the role that Self-Care for improved resilience takes in individual and organisational improvement.

Located in: United Kingdom

Working Languages: English

Fields of Expertise: Behavioural


Contact Information

Email: rachel.robins980(at)btinternet.com