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Anne Maree Wallace

Mentor and Coach, in United Kingdom

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: AMWCoaching

Short biography

With 35 years experience working as a doctor in the NHS, she brings a unique combination of skills. She has an extensive experience of working with NHS professionals as well as with many other partners such as the local authorities, Scottish Government and the third sector; and she is also a trained executive and team coach. She brings strong intuition, empathic listening skills, calmness and a pragmatic approach to her coaching and uses her talents to help people to be happier at work. She also brings an extensive armoury of coaching approaches and frameworks.

Located in: United Kingdom

Working Languages: Abkhazian

Fields of Expertise: Behavioural


I have worked: 500+ hours with clients since

EIA Accreditation: Senior Practitioner since 2016

Regularly supervised by: Beth Cumming

Frequency of supervision: 2 monthly

Contact Information

Mobile: 07590901839

Email: annemareewallace(at)gmail.com

Website: amwcoaching.co.uk