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John Knights

Mentor and Coach, in United Kingdom

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: LeaderShape

Short biography

John Knights is an experienced coach / mentor having worked with many senior leaders since 1998 when he first trained as a coach in order to become a better leader. By this time he had founded a number of entrepreneurial businesses following a global corporate career at senior level. Co-founder / Chairman of LeaderShape Global, John is a thought-leading author, supporting development through an acclaimed transpersonal leadership journey suitable for the 21st Century that incorporates emotional awareness and intelligence, bringing ethics to a higher level of consciousness and neuroscience. Senior Executive Coaching Award from OSCM.

Located in: United Kingdom

Working Languages: Swedish, English

Fields of Expertise: Business, Behavioural, Executive, Spiritual, Team/group, General


I have worked: 2000 hours with 150 clients since 1998

Regularly supervised by: LeaderShape faculty

Frequency of supervision: 6 weeks

Awards & Qualifications

Senior Executive Coaching Award

awarded by OSCM in United Kingdom on 4 April 2003


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Contact Information

Mobile: 4.47832E+11

Email: jknights(at)leadershape.biz

Website: www.leadershape.biz

Skype: johnny.knights

Twitter: @LeaderShapeJohn