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Po Lindvall

Mentor and Coach, in Sweden

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: Success Cultures Research Centre - Framgangskulturinstitutet / Performanage

Short biography

Experience: Ph.D. Candidate in coaching, author of \"Coachologi\" (in Swedish), started coaching leaders and training managers in leadership in different industries 1990 and has been a sports coach since the nineteen-seventies. Launched an evidence based program in Coaching Leadership called COACH2LEAD for managers spring 2012. The evaluations has shown great results and several organisations are now in their second and third year of running the program. VP Research EMCC International 2012-2015, President EMCC SE 2012-2014, EQA & EIA assessor.

Located in: Sweden

Working Languages: Swedish, English

Fields of Expertise: Team/group, Supervision, Sports, General, Executive, Cognitive, Business, Behavioural


I have worked: > 4500 hours with > 200 clients since 1990

EIA Accreditation: Master Practioner since 01/03/2011

EQA Qualification: Practioner since 10/09/2009 trained by Lane4 / Middlesex University

Regularly supervised by: M Wahlberg

Frequency of supervision: Once a month

Awards & Qualifications

M.Sc. Organisation, leadership - Sociology

awarded by Stockholm University in Sweden on 10 June 2002

M.Sc. Applied performance psychology

awarded by SLH I Scandinavian International University in Sweden on 5 July 2005


Coach2Lead - Leadership training leading to result

Contact Information

Email: po(at)coach2lead.se

Website: www.coach2lead.se

Skype: polindvall

Facebook: Po Lindvall

Twitter: PoLindvall