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Jerry Gilpin

Mentor and Coach, in United Kingdom

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: perception

Short biography

Jerry is comfortable and experienced in working in a range of complex organisational cultures (businesses, Oxford University colleges, churches, trustee-run organisations, schools, legal firms) and in supporting leaders as they manage the competing demands of these cultures. His background in education and professional Christian ministry equips Jerry to work empathetically with clients to address the overlap between professional and personal development issues, and to achieve measurable, enjoyable change. He also works as a coach supervisor.

Located in: United Kingdom

Working Languages: English

Fields of Expertise: Team/group, Supervision, Life, General, Executive, Cognitive, Career, Business, Behavioural


I have worked: 3500 hours with clients since 2005

EIA Accreditation: Senior Practitioner since 20/12/2011

EQA Qualification: Senior Practitioner since 15/01/2007 trained by OCM

Regularly supervised by: Katherine Long

Frequency of supervision: every six weeks

Awards & Qualifications

Leadership Climate Indicator

awarded by JCA in United Kingdom on 12 April 2018

Pearman Personality Indicator

awarded by Psysoft in United Kingdom on 26 February 2018

MBTI Step 1

awarded by OPP in United Kingdom on 30 May 2006

MBTI Step 2

awarded by OPP in United Kingdom on 26 October 2012

Benchmarks 360 Feedback

awarded by OPP in United Kingdom on 20 April 2010

Qualified User of v-interactive coaching software

awarded by Creative Metier in United Kingdom on 10 July 2011


awarded by OPP in United Kingdom on 24 May 2011

BPS Test User: Occupation, Ability

awarded by BPS in United Kingdom on 28 May 2014

Certificate in Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and

awarded by Bath Consultancy in United Kingdom on 20 December 2014

MBTI Step 3

awarded by CAPT in United States on 21 July 2015

EQi Accredited User

awarded by Psysoft in United Kingdom on 29 April 2016

Contact Information

Mobile: 7905280115

Email: jerry(at)perceptiondevelopment.co.uk

Website: www.perceptiondevelopment.co.uk

Skype: jerrydgilpin

Twitter: @coachperception