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Gertrud Kessler

Coach, in Switzerland

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About myself

Working as: Coach

Organisation: Gertrud Kessler - Organisationsberatung

Short biography

Diploma: Organizational Development & Coaching Diploma: Specialist in Training Management and Human Resources Development Continuing Education program: Befriending Conflict, Worldwork, Deep Democracy, Leadership, Communication Facilitation and Coaching: Leaders and Teachers Empowered Large scale Workgroup Settings Systemische Strukturaufstellung SySt

Located in: Switzerland

Working Languages: German, German

Fields of Expertise: Business, Career, Cognitive, Behavioural, Executive, Spiritual, Team/group, Supervision, General, General


I have worked: 0 hours with 0 clients since 2003

Regularly supervised by: Marianne Sinner, Z

Frequency of supervision: 8 - 10 sessions p.a.

Contact Information

Mobile: +41 79 450 68 59

Email: mail(at)gertrud-kessler.ch

Website: www.gertrud-kessler.ch

Skype: kessler-beratungen