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Maria Biquet

Mentor and Coach, in Greece

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: www.quantaconsulting.co.za

Short biography

Multilingual Management Consultant and Executive Coach with vast experience from diverse business fields. I have worked with senior executives from different countries in the private sector, the public sector and international NGO’s. In the last 20 years I have worked for multinational companies in strategic marketing positions and led start – up projects for setting up new companies. I bring knowledge of diverse business sectors such as Telecommunications, Automotive, Retail Financing, Insurance, Banking and Consulting. I have vast experience as a Consultant and Trainer focusing on introducing innovative services to the market and on guiding people in developing new skills necessary for highly complex environments. Since 2010 I specialize in Leadership development projects aiming at increasing leadership energy to individual clients and management teams leading them to improved self balance and efficiency and higher company results. I hold an MBA-International Marketing from Sunderland University – UK, a BA in Literature and Linguistics from the University of Athens – GR, a Diploma in Coaching from the Coaching Institute – UK, and also an advanced certification as neuro-coach by NBG in the USA and I am a Certified Master Coach by the CAC (Centre for Advanced Coaching) in the USA. For more than 20 years I have studied various methodologies for self development and change including Systemic approach, Appreciative Inquiry Approach, NLP and mindfulness techniques. Vice President of HCA (Hellenic Coaching Association) / EMCC Greece. Currently is a Mentor at Orange Grove and Cherie Blair Foundation for start up companies. Specialization: Business Consulting, Executive Coaching/Neurocoaching I am a Volunteer in EMCC Research on Ethics

Located in: Greece

Working Languages: Greek, French, English

Fields of Expertise: Team/group, Executive, Cognitive, Behavioural


I have worked: 800 hours with 80 clients since 2010

Contact Information

Email: mariabike(at)gmail.com

Website: www.quantaconsulting.co.za

Skype: maria.bike

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/maria.biquet