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L. Kim Horwood

Mentor and Coach, in United Kingdom

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: Odonata River Ltd

Short biography

Kim is a Level 7 (Masters - level) Coaching and Mentoring Practitioner, accredited by Oxford Brooks University and the EMCC. She is a licensed Professional Medical Coach, and a CIPD-qualified learning & development practitioner, with over 25 years experience. Kim specialises in leadership, resilience and confidence, and life transitions coaching. Her work is underpinned by personal values and appreciative inquiry and creating an environment of health and empowerment for her clients.

Located in: United Kingdom

Working Languages: English

Fields of Expertise: Behavioural


I have worked: 600+ hours with clients since 2001

EQA Qualification: Senior Practioner since 11/03/2013 trained by Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring (OCM)

Regularly supervised by: Amanda Edwards (OCM)

Awards & Qualifications

BA (Joint Hons) - Library Studies & History

awarded by Loughborough University of Technology in United Kingdom on 1 June 1987

CNNA Certificate in Management (NVQ Level 4)

awarded by Oxford Brookes University in United Kingdom on 1 June 1992

Tony Mann's Facilitation Techniques Course

awarded by Resource Strategic Change Facilitators in United Kingdom on 1 January 2000

HOLT Outdoor Development Facilitator

awarded by HOLT Outdoor Development Centres in United Kingdom on 1 January 2001

'Setting up Mentoring schemes' - David Clutterbuck

awarded by Clutterbuck Associates in United Kingdom on 30 July 2004

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator

awarded by OPP Ltd in United Kingdom on 3 November 2004


awarded by TMS Ltd in United Kingdom on 12 July 2007

Chartered member Institute of Library & Informatio

awarded by Institute of Library & Information Professionals in United Kingdom on 1 August 1990

Associate Member, CIPD (formerly Licentiate)

awarded by Accreditation Centres@CIPD.co.uk in United Kingdom on 20 April 2009


awarded by Aims for Change Ltd in United Kingdom on 30 November 2009

CIPD Certificate in Training Practice (Distinction

awarded by MOL in United Kingdom on 30 June 2003

Contact Information

Mobile: 07770 651058

Email: kim.horwood(at)ntlworld.com

Website: www.odonata-river.com

Skype: LKimHorwood