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Patrick Schoenmakers

Mentor and Coach, in Netherlands

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: BlueCoaching

Short biography

The focus of my approach is the development of individuals and teams leading to concrete progress. I am advocating a practical and intuitive approach. The key to this successful concept is the recognition and development of talents with a focus on empowerment of individuals and teams. “Passion, optimism and a down-to-earth approach are the cornerstones in my coaching practice” I have gained extensive experience and expertise in working with people. During my long history in higher education, as a member of the management team, I have been responsible for international relations. In addition, I hold many years of experience in educating, training and coaching students and communication with a wide and diverse audience. My passion is realizing and strengthening the connection between people through recognition of qualities. In addition to taking part in workshops and training programs on intuitive entrepreneurship and organizational constellations I have completed a NOBCO (Dutch association of professional coaches) certified studies on professional coaching. After completing my academic studies in both Sociology and Economics I have been working as a Management Consultant for 7 years. I consulted in the fields of Quality Management, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management. Furthermore, I specialized in Leadership and Organizational Behavior. Next to my job at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, I am an Executive Board member of the Network of International Business Schools, as Vice President responsible for accreditations. Linkedin profile see https://www.linkedin.com/in/patrick-schoenmakers/

Located in: Netherlands

Working Languages: English

Fields of Expertise: Behavioural


Contact Information

Mobile: +31615054806

Email: info(at)bluecoaching.nl

Website: www.bluecoaching.nl