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Ivana Kuzmanović

Mentor and Coach, in Serbia and Montenegro

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: New Level

Short biography

Being extraordinary gifted with a lots of talents, energy, sensibility and empathy, I am thankfully devoted to help other people grow, understand their own beauty and use all their potentials. My great understanding of Self, decades of practicing and large experience in different fields all over the world, made me precise writer and warm-hearted life coach who has a huge number of followers and audience. I am a personal and professional development coach, Existential well-being counselor and Master of Energy healing. I am also well known, one of the best sold authors in the Region of Former Yugoslavia. I wrote ten books, mostly in the popular psychology field and received a great award from thousands of riders who claimed that my books have changed their life. Human ability to change and transform became my passion as well as my personal experience. That is why I invent my personal coaching technique EETT – Emotional Energetic Transformational Training which combines coaching, psychological and energetic approach. For last few years I train people in Serbia and Monte Negro in EETT. I offer great support and understanding to my clients and help them develop Love for themselves and others, create life they want and accept the Concept of acceptance. I am trained in psychodrama; transactional analyzes (TA); gestalt and NLP. I am also certified in communication skills and bridging the divides. Titles of some of the books: “From Pain to Love”, “Book of personal Change”, “Love without illusions”, “In the name of Love”, “The Book about Me”, and others.

Located in: Serbia and Montenegro

Working Languages: Serbian, English, Croatian, Bosnian

Fields of Expertise: Team/group, Spiritual, Life, Gestalt, General, Cognitive, Career, Behavioural


I have worked: 1.500 hours with 300 clients since 2007 hours with clients since

Contact Information

Email: ivanauna(at)gmail.com

Website: ivanakuzmanovic.rs

Skype: univana

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ivana.Kuzmanovic.Life.Coach.Pisac/

Twitter: @moje_knjige