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Rajesh Misca

Mentor and Coach, in Romania

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: Corpstrat Academy for Learning, Leadership and Men

Short biography

I am an High Performance Coach, who specialises in People and Systems Performance Management. As an expert in Talent Management and Organisation Development, I have been contributing to thought and strategic changes, across organisations in 27 countries, spanning 5 continents, to attain optimal employee performance. I have worked in tandem with thought leaders and key stake holders including Chairpersons, CEO

Located in: Romania

Working Languages: Tamil, Romanian, Hindi, English

Fields of Expertise: Business, Career, Life, Behavioural, Executive, Sports, Spiritual, Team/group, General


I have worked: 5000 hours with 2000 clients since 2002

Awards & Qualifications

Element B - Trainer and Coach

awarded by High Performing Systems Inc in United States on 26 May 2008

MBTI - Trainer and Administrator

awarded by CPP Asia Pacific in India on 1 July 2008

Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

awarded by Success Insights International Inc in United States on 21 March 2008

Certified Professional Value Analyst

awarded by Success Insights International Inc in United States on 27 April 2008

PAPI - Personality and Preferences Inventory

awarded by CUBIKS in India on 11 December 2007

Power of Perception Methods - Trainer

awarded by De Bono Thinking Systems in India on 14 October 2009

Ignite Leadership Coaching

awarded by ICF - Forton Group in United Kingdom on 2 December 2010

TA 101

awarded by International Transactional Analysis Association in India on 22 September 2011

Crucial Coversations Certified Trainer

awarded by Vital Smarts in United States on 19 March 2011

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

awarded by Franklin Covey - Southasia in India on 7 September 2007

High Impact Presentations - Trainer and Coach

awarded by Dale Carnegie Training in United States on 4 December 2009

Master of Business Administration - Marketing

awarded by Canterbury University in United Kingdom on 20 May 1998

Bachelor of Arts - English Literature

awarded by University of Madras in India on 1 March 1994

Certified Teacher and Trainer

awarded by University of Cambridge International Examinations in India on 1 December 2010

High Performance Coach Level 3

awarded by Cricket Australia in United Arab Emirates on 22 April 2015


awarded by Australian Human Resources Institute in Australia on 23 January 2015

Transactional Analysis

awarded by Yorkshire Training Centre International in Romania on 31 December 2013

ICC Europe Coach Award

awarded by International Cricket Council and Cricket Romania in Romania on 2 March 2014

Chartered MCIPD

awarded by CIPD in United Kingdom on 10 March 2015

Expert Facilitator

awarded by Wipro Technologies and Harvard Business Publishing in India on 4 May 2008

Level One Coaching Course

awarded by Australian Cricket Board - Asian Cricket Council in Singapore on 26 March 2003

Level Two Coach

awarded by Cricket Australia in Australia on 1 September 2009

FORMATOR (Trainer)

awarded by Ministry of Education and Work in Romania on 11 August 2012

Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning

awarded by Fort Hill Company in United States on 2 February 2010


Profile - High Performance Coach - Rajesh Misca

Contact Information

Mobile: 40732100678

Email: rajesh.misca(at)corpstratconsulting.ro

Website: www.corpstratacademy.com

Skype: Rajmisca