The EMCC supervision competence framework can be downloaded here.

EMCC supports the use of competence frameworks as part of a wider approach to the training, developmentand assessment of coaches, mentors and supervisors.  The EMCC Supervision Competence Framework describes the skills and behaviours we believe to be associated with good practice in supervision. EMCC also accepts that competence frameworks have limitations.  There are some qualities of an effective supervisor,for example, ‘personal presence’, that may not be easily broken into constituent parts. Therefore, EMCCadvocates an awareness of the whole person in addition to the skill-set that they have to offer i.e. ‘how they are being’ is equally as important as ‘what they are doing’. Please bear this in mind when working with theEMCC Supervision Competence Framework. The capability indicators listed below each competence headingare therefore there for guidance only and are not a list of absolute requirements.

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