About Quality

EMCCs vision is to be the ‘go to body’ for setting the highest quality standards in Mentoring and Coaching. In this section, we set out the standards that we believe you should use as a guide, whether you are a coach, mentor, coach or mentor supervisor, or trainer or programme provider. It comprises competences, CPD guidance, supervision competences and guidance, the Global Code of Ethics, diversity and regulation. It aims to answer some important questions:

  • What knowledge and skills does EMCC believe coaches and mentors should aspire to? Where is there a list of them,  so I can benchmark myself?
  • How do I ensure that my practice is developing, that I am learning from my experience and up to date with developments in coaching and mentoring knowledge and research?
  • What is supervision? What should I look for in a supervisor?
  • What ethical standards should inform my practice?
  • How does good coaching and mentoring practice promote diversity and work in a way that takes into account the range of characteristics and needs of clients?
  • How is the EMCC working with other bodies to address concerns about professional standards, and the possibility of governmental control of the profession?

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