Meet the Board of EMCC Cyprus

Eleni Demosthenous, President
Anastasia Flourentzou, Vice President
Maria Vilanidou, General Secretary
Christina Demetriades, Treasurer
Yiota Tsiokri, Member
Kyriakos Kolokotronis, Member


At EMCC Cyprus we highly encourage you to get involved, volunteer and grow with EMCC. Contributing to the local affiliated associations you have an opportunity to influence and learn first-hand the latest developments of Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervision.

To express your interest in participation in any of the following local committees please email us at CY(dot)President(at)emccouncil(dot)org and express your interest.

Management and Membership Committee

The role of management and membership committee will be to closely work with the rest of the committees to ensure all activities of the association server the mission of EMCC Cyprus. The management committee’s primary role is to set and monitor the strategy of the association in all of its functions.

Marketing and Communication Committee

Mission: Use marketing communication tools and disciplines in an effort to assist in creating and sustaining a community where we can share insights on coaching, mentoring, and supervision and to help this practice become an important tool for personal and organizational growth in Cyprus.

The committee’s main objectives are to create further awareness about EMCC Cyprus and its vision, and to stimulate the growth of a powerful Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision community in Cyprus.

Research and Education Committee

The scope of the Research & Education Committee is to work for constant improvement and knowledge advancement of the local community of Coaching, Mentoring and Supervision. Be an advocate of local research and actively participate in international research of relevant areas for EMCC. Collaborate and cooperate with other similar EMCC work groups and committees in other EMCC affiliates countries and regions to maximize learning and transfer know how and practices.

Quality Committee

Quality committee is responsible to identify, communicate and implement all the quality matters of EMCC Cyprus. The committee ensures that ethical guidelines and standards are accessible and communicated to members in safeguarding the quality of coaching, mentoring and supervision, thus providing a safe, nurturing environment for coaches, mentors and supervisors to develop and flourish.

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