Research Agenda

Currently EMCC International Research is focused on the following main topics.

Mentoring.  Decoding the success factors and best practices of mentoring in the contemporary workplace, with focus on the effects of generational differences and the impact of new technologies. Within this area EMCC is interested in developing a review of current mentoring practices, and comparative studies too.

The coaching process.  Taking a deeper look at the specific interactions of the coaching process, and exploring the depths and different aspects of the workings of the coaching relationships. Within this area EMCC is interested in developing studies that shed light on the working mechanisms of coaching interventions or classes of coaching interventions. Besides furthering the theoretical understanding, EMCC aims to develop effective practices, theory and evidence based coaching intervention strategies.

The coaching context.  Understanding and interpreting coaching within a wider context. Examples may include the perspective of the coachee, the organizational context, or the effects of the individual differences in coaches themselves. Within this area EMCC is interested in developing a clearer understanding of the boundaries of the coaching relationship, the effect of the external factors, and through these a set of best practices to manage them in parallel with the coaching relationship itself.

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