About the European Supervision Individual Accreditation

As a recognition of the crucial role of supervisors in the development of best practice in mentoring and coaching, EMCC offers the ESIA (European Supervision Individual Accreditation).

The current list of ESIA holders can be viewed here.

If you have been supervising mentors/coaches for 3 years or more, have had at least 10 clients and can evidence 120 contact hours, then an ESIA is in reach. Naturally, you’ll also need to demonstrate an appropriate level of knowledge and application in your practice.

Success brings accreditation in the form of an ESIA award which distinguishes you as a professional supervisor!

More details can be downloaded here.

The guide to applying can be downloaded here.

Our supervision competence framework can be downloaded here.

Our supervision guidelines can be downloaded here.

Please address any questions to  EMCC(dot)Accreditation(at)emccouncil(dot)org

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