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ISMCP Self-assessment

Self-assessment framework

The Self-Assessment Framework is a comprehensive document which enables organisations to:

  • Understand what type(s) of evidence could be produced for performance standards and
  • Provide a means of self-assessment and indicate the degree of readiness for formal assessment.

The guide enables Programme Managers to establish their own evidence in the same way that a ISMCP Consultant would do. It contains a simple, step by step instruction guide and advice on what “good” looks like. There are two main types of evidence needed to complete the assessment: documents and verbal accounts gained through an interviewing process. Listed against each Standard are suggestions: not all the documents given need to be provided; they are simply examples of how organisations might evidence that particular part of the Standard.

The Self-Assessment Guide is available at €250 (redeemable against the cost of an application), please contact EMCC(dot)accreditation(at)emccouncil(dot)org

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