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ISMCP Accreditation

What is the Accreditation approach?

The underlying values and ethos of the accreditation process are collaboration, recognition and developmental. Learning is at the core of the process, identifying good practice and opportunities to continue to improve individual and organisational practice and learning.

What is the Accreditation process?

Ideally, organisations will have used the supporting guidelines to assist in completing their full application with as much care and detail as possible, and provided as much relevant documentary evidence as possible to support the application, aligned to the core standards and performance criteria.

After completing/submitting the application form, the organisation will be allocated an Assessor and a Verifier by the accreditation manager. Depending on the information provided, the Assessor will determine the next steps. This will be a combination of document review and interview discussion with programme stakeholders.

With agreement, the Assessor may visit the organisation to conduct interview discussions with programme stakeholders. They will ask to meet with cohort participants to elicit their opinions about the programme.

The Assessor and Verifier will independently assess the submission and subsequently discuss their findings related to the evidence provided (documentary and observed during the visit if applicable) and make a recommendation as to the acceptance or rejection of the application or the need for further information.

At the end of the assessment process, the Assessor and Verifier will provide the report on the programme to the organisation. Upon agreement, the assessment report will be sent to the next Accreditation Panel Chair for final review and consideration.

Accreditation Panel Chair review

The Accreditation Panel Chair for each organisation’s application will be an experienced mentoring/coaching programme manager and practitioner who has knowledge and experience of the ISMCP process.

The Accreditation Panel Chair reaches a decision by reviewing the assessment report for:

  • Validity: does the evidence presented in the application match the criteria for level?
  • Reliability: is there sufficient evidence in the claim to meet the criteria?
  • Currency: is the evidence up to date?
  • Authenticity: what evidence is there that the claims made in the application can be supported and are true?

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