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Professionalising Your Practice




This webinar series contributes to the continuous professional development of our members through offering fresh and different perspectives which are at the leading edge of new ideas and developments in the field of coaching, mentoring, and supervision.

All our webinars are recorded and are made available after editing (usually 5 working days after the event) to everyone who books, whether they attend the webinar or not.

What’s the future for CoachBots?

Tom Marsden

Wednesday 11 September 2019 – 18.30 cest

Making mentoring work in a tough environment: mentoring at Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders)

Alan Lefebvre
Wednesday 25 September 2019 – 18.30 cest

How to take your listening to the next level

Stephen Burt
Thursday 3 October 2019 – 18.30 cest

Details to follow

How modern mentoring is transforming company culture and leadership

Kirsten M Poulsen

Wednesday 9 October 2010 – 18.30 cest

Details to follow

Limiting beliefs…are they real?

Ghada Shanaa

Tuesday 26 November 2019 – 18.30 cet
Details to follow

Developing an international organisation for deaf children through mentoring

Chris Underhill & Steve Crump

Monday 9 December 2019 – 18.30 cet
Details to follow

Ignite your confidence and strengthen your practice and approach as a mentor or coach

Dr Diane Brennan
This webinar has been postponed to a later date which will be announced shortly.

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