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Social Responsibility


Activity started: 2005

Even though the activity started in 2005, it has been a dormant activity during the period 2010-2016.  Its revival started in 2017.

Contact person: Antoine Parmentier

Email address: BE(dot)Solidarity(at)emccouncil(dot)org

Type of EMCC Social Responsibility activities

  • Coaching and supervision

These activities are performed by EMC Belgium members since their membership provides for 15 hours per year in voluntary work.

Short summary of current and planned activities

EMCC Belgium realises Solidarity Coaching in the form of individual coaching, either directly (the coachees go directly to EMCC Belgium who allocate them a Solidarity Coach), or via a partnership (the coachees go to an EMCC Belgium partner that assigns them a Solidarity Coach made available by EMCC Belgium).

EMCC Belgium is currently setting up Solidarity Supervision for the Solidarity Coach in the form of four group supervisions per year.

Former and current partners Social Responsibility partners

  • EMCC Belgium has created a partnership with BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry i.e. the Brussels Chamber of Commerce) to accompany BECI to setup and run reSTART, a program to help bankrupt entrepreneurs to professionally rebound

Find a Mentor, Coach, or Supervisor

Search through our database to find a Mentor and/or Coach near you who matches your requirements. If you are an EMCC mentor/coach and wish to set up/edit your profile please log in and go to membership then choose the option for “My Account”.