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EMCC Volunteer Opportunities

Read more about being an EMCC Global volunteer below and then contact us at EMCC(dot)Administrator(at)emccouncil(dot)org if you are interested.


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We’re always looking for more volunteers for our WorkGroups and Project Teams to support EMCC Global work in our 3rd decade and to help implement our strategic goals.

EMCC Global volunteers are members who want to help EMCC reach the strategic goals agreed by the Council/Global Executive Board.

There are also local country volunteers in each of our Affiliated Countries. More information on how volunteers are managed locally is available from the individual country organisations (this will differ from the EMCC Global information that can be found on these pages).

Our list of registered volunteers can be downloaded here

Find a Mentor, Coach, or Supervisor

Search through our database to find a Mentor and/or Coach near you who matches your requirements. If you are an EMCC mentor/coach and wish to set up/edit your profile please log in and go to membership then choose the option for “My Account”.