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Continuous Professional Development  also known as CPD

CPD is defined as the learning process required for coaches and mentors to ensure that their coaching standards and competencies are maintained and enhanced over time. For the individual coach this means ongoing commitment to developing his/her knowledge base and technical expertise. It also means keeping up to date with evolving best practices. Ultimately the purpose of CPD is to support professional and personal growth by the coach in order to ensure that EMCC accredited coaches are competent and effective.

CPD will be comprised of formal training (courses focused on coaching skills build up/upgrade with formal qualifications) and informal training/learning which is not necessarily “classroom” training but is intentional learning tailored to the individual coach’s development needs (e.g. participation in conferences, self development processes, reading).

We believe CPD is fundamental to continuing good practice, and further guidance is being developed and will be published shortly on this page.