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Korábbi Konferenciák anyagai

See an overview of our previous conferences and download related papers and information.

EMCC Conference Past Papers

If you attended a past EMCC conferences you are able to view and download all the papers that were presented.  Just log-in using your member username and password then navigate to the conference page you are interested in.

If you did not attend the conference for a particular year and would like to view and download all or some of the papers for that year then these are available for a fee of 50 euros.

Please contact EMCC.Administrator(at) to purchase the papers.

21st Annual Mentoring and Coaching Conference

20-22 November 2014 - Venice, Italy

If you attended this conference you will need to log in to see the presenters papers. If you didn't attend the conference and would like access to the papers then this can be purchased for €50 by emailing EMCC(dot)administrator(at)emccouncil(dot)org.

20th Annual Mentoring and Coaching Conference

November 2013 - Athens, Greece

Conference on Leadership & Coaching Competencies

April 2012 - Budapest, Hungary

The EMCC Hungary invites presenters and participants to the Conference on Leadership and Coaching Competencies 27-28 April 2012, Budapest, HUNGARY. Please, find more information at or click on the title to read more about this meeting.