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    Anna Doubková

    Mentor and Coach, in Czech Republic

    About myself
    Working as:Mentor and Coach
    Short biography

    I am a teacher and currently a trainer for adults. I make the most of education in schools, I also cooperate with companies. I've had experience with the management of a private company – to the position of Manager. Coaching and mentoring methods I use in the management of the company. I would like to encourage the application of mentoring in the care of teachers in education in the Czech Republic.

    Nejčastěji realizuji vzdělávání ve školách, spolupracuji také s firmami.
    Mám za sebou zkušenost s vedením soukromé firmy – na pozici manažerky.
    Koučovací a mentoringové metody jsem využívala už při vedení firmy.

    Located in:Czech Republic
    Working Languages:Czech
    Fields of Expertise:Business, Cognitive, Executive, Team/group, General
    Contact Information