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    PhDr. Norbert Riethof

    Mentor and Coach, in Czech Republic

    About myself
    Working as:Mentor and Coach
    Organisation:Coaching Systems
    Short biography

    Norbert is specialist in HR and Strategy Consulting, primarily focuses on methodology of developmental projects, training, coaching programmes, and on development of highly effective sales and leadership teams. He has over fifteen years of experience in people and team development. In addition to managing Coaching Systems, he also leads large corporate developmental projects for well-known international companies, active mainly in telecommunications, IT and pharmacy. Drawing from his experience in sales and management positions, he is also extensively involved in individual coaching of managers.

    Located in:Czech Republic
    Working Languages:Czech, English
    Fields of Expertise:Business, Career, Cognitive, Gestalt, Executive, Team/group, Supervision, General
    EIA Accreditation:Practitioner since 07 September 2012
    Regularily supervised by:Lis Petersen Bell
    Contact Information
    Phone:+420 272 731 401